When is the Best Time to Replace Your Tires? 

4 things to know:

Tread Depth 

When the tread of your tires gets too low it's important to replace your tires. To check the tread depth perform the coin test. To do this, insert a penny into the grooves of your tire tread with President Lincoln's head pointed down. If your tire tread hides any part of the head then your tire doesn't need any kind of replacement. However, if Lincoln's head is visible the treads are shallow and you need to look for tire replacements

Age of Your Tires 

In general tires should be replaced every six years.

Falling Air Pressure 

Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires is vital. If your tires are losing air pressure frequently this could be the sign of a small leak, something that needs patched or replaced. 

Cracked Rubber 

Cracks are a sign that the rubber has degraded due to age or improper use. If the rubber in your tires has cracked its time to replace them.